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Peer-reviewed publications

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Wolfenbarger, N. S., Fox-Powell, M. G., Buffo, J. J., Soderlund, K. M. & Blankenship, D. D. (2022) Brine Volume Fraction as a Habitability Metric for Europa's Ice Shell. Geophysical Research Letters 49(22); 


Wolfenbarger, N. S., Fox-Powell, M. G., Buffo, J. J., Soderlund, K. M. & Blankenship, D. D. (2022) Compositional Controls on the Distribution of Brine in Europa’s Ice Shell. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 127(9);


Moreras-Marti, A., Fox-Powell, M. G., Cousins, C. R., Macey, M. C. & Zerkle, A. (2022) Sulfur isotope biosignatures for Mars and Europa exploration. Journal of the Geological Society 179;


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Moreras-Marti, A., Fox-Powell, M. G., Zerkle, A., Stueeken, E., Gázquez, F., Brand, H., Galloway, T., Purkamo, L. & Cousins, C. R. (2021) Volcanic controls on the microbial habitability of Mars-analogue hydrothermal environments. Geobiology

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