Peer-reviewed publications

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Coming soon

Moreras-Marti, A., Fox-Powell, M. G., Zerkle, A., Gázquez, F., Brand, H. & Cousins, C. R. (In Review) Geochemical controls on Mars analogue rhyolite- and basalt-hosted Icelandic hydrothermal environments.

Fox-Powell, M. G. & Cousins, C. R. (In Revision) Freezing-induced fractionation of glass, ice and salts from simulated Enceladus ocean fluids.

Macey, M. C., Fox–Powell M.G., Ramkissoon, N. K., Stephens B. P.1, Barton T., Schwenzer, S. P., Pearson, V. K., Cousins Claire R., Olsson–Francis, K., (In Review) Sulfide oxidation: a potential metabolism driving primary production on late Noachian Mars.  

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